Wheel charts with individual print

Print of wheel charts with own layout and form

Druck Drehscheiben / Drehkarten

We produce wheel charts with individual contents and composition.
Also, special features such as e.g. Folding cards with integrated wheel charts or free-form are possible.

Printing of wheel charts freely selectable:

– choice of disc size
– number of discs at choice
– layout and content of your choice
– external contours of your choice
– window punching of your choice
– 300 g / m² of paper with all-purpose protective laminate or lacquer
– surface matt or glossy
– all-sided offset printing in color
– assembly with plastic or metal eyelet

Sample calculation

– 2 discs
– Paper 300 g / m² with all-purpose protective lacquer
– upper disc with one breakthroughs
– assembly with metal eyelet
– printed copy submitted by client
– free delivery EU

Production costs:
Quantity up to Ø 130 mmup to Ø 190 mm
100580,- €605,- €
250608,- €638,- €
500715,- €760,- €
1.000890,- €940,- €
2.5001.595,- €1.695,- €

We offer more editions on request.

Request your desired wheel chart

Please send us your request by e-mail stating:
– diameter and number of the wheels
description of the wheel chart or sketch
material requirements (protective laminate or lacquer / mat or gloss)
selection of plastic or metal eyelet
to submit / create a print template from us
– desired number of wheel charts

We will be pleased to send you an individual offer.

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Use of wheel charts

Turntables are high-value promotion that your customers appreciate. The use of wheel charts is manifold. The most famous wheel charts is the parking disc for setting the time of arrival. In addition, there are these as a pollen wheel charts, pregnancy rotary disc, caloric rotary disc, benzine wheel charts for gasoline consumption, tariff or price wheel charts, wheel charts for size conversion and many more.