Crack Width Rulers for Promotion with your Logo

We print crack width rulers for your company

PromoCards produces cracklines with contents and scales of your choice.
On the rulers can be placed photomotive, as are colors and fonts freely selectable.
We guarantee best quality with noble surface and high durability

Risslineal, Rissbreitenkarte, Risskarte

Rulers with crack width

The determination of crack widths is possible with crack rulers quickly and precisely. An effective promotional article for experts, branches of construction, among others.
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Lineal Multicard mit vielen Funktionen

Rulers with depth measuring comb and logo

Special card for wet film thickness gauges with individual depth measurement series on one or more sides. Individual measuring series can also be produced here.
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Lineal Multicard mit vielen Funktionen

Crack width ruler with scale starting at the edge

For measuring lengths, e.g. with a cut-off in a corner, the zero point of the scale starts at the edge of the ruler. In combination with a crack width scale and comparative scale, this is a versatile card.
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Lineal Multicard mit vielen Funktionen

MultiCard – the multifunctional ruler card

The “Swiss pocket knife” for many applications. With 4 measuring scales, including size comparison scale, crack width from 0.1 to 5 mm, angle scale as well as conversion table.
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Lineal mit Reduktions-Maßstäben

Rulers with reduction scale

Rulers with reduction scales are ideally suited as an advertising medium for real estate brokers, architects, interior decorators or bath planners and have a high value in use.
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Individual rulers

We are also happy to make special requests – please contact us, we will be pleased to help you: